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Building toward an autonomous future.

We’re creating a new way for people to travel. Our solution will deliver safer and more sustainable transportation to metropolitan areas. This is why:

It’s safer.

Our solution drastically decreases the leading factors for driver-caused death in traffic accidents: distraction, speeding, intoxication and tiredness.

Cleaner air.

Introducing more sustainable, electric vehicles means less pollution in our cities.

Mobility for everyone.

Our solution is affordable and accessible for people from all backgrounds and locations, whether city centers, suburban or rural areas.

Pssst… We’re still in stealth. Why all the secrecy? Since REE is working on a completely unique solution to transport as far as we know at time of writing, we’re operating in stealth mode. Thank you for understanding.

Employee Spotlight

  • Amrita Ramsaransing Director of Public Policy and Legal
    Amrita Ramsaransing Director of Public Policy and Legal What drives me

    I enjoy working on something that will be accessible and affordable for everyone. In addition and from experience it is important to me that I work in a welcoming and inclusive environment, something I am proud to help shape.


    Uber’s lead counsel for New Mobility in Europe, Middle East and Africa, covering almost all business lines at different stages within Uber (Ridesharing, Eats, New Mobility)

  • Thomas von der Ohe Co-Founder, CEO
    Thomas von der Ohe Co-Founder, CEO What drives me

    You come across opportunities that can positively impact societies across the globe maybe once or twice in your lifetime. Opportunities that can really make a difference. Our unique approach to autonomous driving gives us this chance: redefining how people move. Besides the great team, that is what drives me day and night.


    Founder of two previous mobility companies, Zoox (launched its first self-driving vehicle), Amazon (launched first Echo), M.Sc. in Computer Science and Product from Stanford University

  • Mariona Bosch Engineering Program Manager
    Mariona Bosch Engineering Program Manager What drives me

    Working closely with people from different cultures and professional backgrounds (hardware, software, operations, etc.) gives me the chance to learn new ways of approaching projects, structuring teams, and setting up processes every day. The results of this incredible teamwork are hugely rewarding, and visible in each step of our product.


    Part of the leadership circle at AUDI AG, responsible for the implementation of prototypes at early development stages of new products (innovation vehicles, concept and pre-series vehicles, show cars, design models, testing single parts, PoCs, 3D-printing)

  • Fabrizio Scelsi Co-Founder, Hardware
    Fabrizio Scelsi Co-Founder, Hardware What drives me

    I love to build products based on cutting-edge technology that nobody has built before in order to serve a greater purpose and solve problems – for the people, for our planet. I am very proud we were able to create a diverse and inclusive team with outstanding engineers from all over the world to drive this impact.


    Manager of an engineering team in Silicon Valley to build autonomous shuttles, built teams and various mobility products: electric race cars, e-motorcycles, light electric vehicles, electric passenger vehicles, including the most successful electric delivery vehicle in Germany. RWTH Aachen, Imperial College London

  • Bogdan Djukic Co-Founder, Software
    Bogdan Djukic Co-Founder, Software What drives me

    REE is aiming to launch the first vehicle without a safety driver on public roads in Europe. This involves exciting engineering challenges, many of which have never been worked on before, ranging from autonomous vehicle technology, cybersecurity, backend, machine learning and safety-critical SW. Coming up with engineering solutions to these topics is something that I’m super excited to work on at REE.


    Team Lead at Microsoft, Senior Software Engineer at Skype. MSc. in Computer Science from Belgrade University

  • Filip Nuytemans VP Operations
    Filip Nuytemans VP Operations What drives me

    I am passionate about building a world class product and operations team from scratch. I know what we do matters and what we are building will have a positive impact on how my children will move around.


    In charge of the entire UberEats Operations in Europe, GM of Uber in Belgium, founded and led his own company in New York

  • Christian Hertlein Director of Design and Brand
    Christian Hertlein Director of Design and Brand What drives me

    Building the future of mobility, which is sustainable and serving truly the needs of people, by creating a holistic experience, a relatable brand and shaping services that are going to make a difference to how we move within and between cities.


    Head of Global Design at N26, Senior Lead Designer at IDEO, in-car interactions for Volkswagen

    Check out his website
  • Geeta Sood Global TA Lead
    Geeta Sood Global TA Lead What drives me

    REE has a diverse culture of highly accomplished and collaborative individuals, which creates a stimulating working environment. I’m very excited to see the team grow in the coming years.


    Driving Talent Acquisition strategy at big companies including Dun and Bradstreet, Abbott and Google, BSc Physics and Msc in Mathematics with MBA in HR from University of Dublin.

  • David Gossow Engineering Lead
    David Gossow Engineering Lead What drives me

    After having worked in autonomous robotics research for a long time in the Silicon Valley, I am thrilled to be working at a company that is finally bringing this technology into people’s everyday lives.


    Tech Lead at Google Tango in Mountain View, Research Engineer at Willow Garage, yoga instructor since 2018


People who believe in us

Here are some of our investors and advisors.

Niklas Zennstroem

Founder of Skype, Kazaa and Atomico

Cristina Stenbeck

Board member of Spotify, chairman of the board at Zalando, former executive chairman of Investment AB Kinnevik

Niall Wass

Partner at Atomico, former SVP International at Uber, former CEO at Wonga, former COO at Betfair

Patrick Pichette

Partner at Inovia Capital, chairman of the board at Twitter, former global CFO at Google

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Careers at REE

Moving forward, together.

We want to create a supportive and stimulating environment for you to do the best and most rewarding work of your career.

That’s why we support our employees to live their best lives with flexible hours, support for public transport, fitness and healthy foods in the office. Our harbor-front office space in Berlin is one of the top locations for mobility startups in the capital and includes a large outdoor courtyard, secure bike basement and water-front views. Our team of over 27 nationalities regularly gets together for team events to unwind and hang out together.

These are the values we live by.

We’re pioneers. At REE we’re doing work that has never been done before. This comes with challenges, frustrations and failures along the way. We embrace them, we persevere and we invent, simplify and are creative to overcome them.

We’re stronger as a team. At REE we believe that as a team we are much greater than the sum of our parts. We celebrate our diversity, encourage different opinions and respect each other as we come together to build, improve and grow.

We are drivers. At REE, everyone is a driver. You take ownership of the situation or challenge. You are biased towards action. You get behind the steering wheel. You are empowered and take initiative and drive it to completion.

We build trust. We build trust through consistently doing the right thing and following through on our commitments towards stakeholders, users and society.

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